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Lunch Menu

Fresh green salad with house made ranch dressing

Roasted pork shoulder sliders with mango pineapple sauce

 Charro beans with local chorizo

Sweet and spicy corn bread

Macaroni salad

Mango cobbler


Chickpea ceviche

Seared tuna wrap hoisin mayo

BLAT on whole wheat red pepper aioli

Veggie roasted garlic spread

Chilled roasted vegetables with herb vinaigrette

Berries over goat cheese mousse


Chopped Italian salad

Fruta de mar sopa

Rosemary pork loin with pan sauce

Ratatouille filled ravioli grilled spring onion pesto

Charred tomato risotto

Cauliflower gratin

Zabaglione with tropical salsa


Cabbage carrot salad with peanuts

Potato and pea samosas with garlic sauce

Shrimp pad thai

Green curry chicken with carrots

Cardamon and coriander rice

Coconut stewed zucchini

Mango lassi


Mountain apple and cabbage salad 

Choose 2:

Citrus marinated shrimp taco

Green chili chicken taco

Spiced vegetables taco

 Orange carnitas taco

 Coconut cilantro fish taco

Mountain apple and cabbage salad 

 Charro beans 

Rice flavored with local ingredients

 Table-side guacamole

Pico de gallo 

Local tortillas and assorted chips

Churros with chocolate and caramel


Baby red romaine eggplant croutons Cab vin

Foraged mushroom cream soup

White wine Coq a vin 

Seared sea bass

Lemon Thyme wild rice

Green beans Almondine

Sweet profiteroles


Shiitake and leek miso soup

Marinated oyster mushroom spring rolls

Hoisin chicken noodle salad

Ahi tuna Poke bowls

Sesame seared green beans

Green tea and jasmine goats milk ice cream


Crispy green salad with fruity vinaigrette

Hand pressed burger patties grill to order

 BBQ chicken in a tropical jerk glaze 

Grilled fish with lime and garlic 

Charred vegetables 

Housemade cilantro jalapeno cole slaw

 Potato and sweet potato salad 

Mountain berry shortcake with home made vanilla ice cream


White bean soup

Warm vegetable medley over saffron orzo

Roasted vegetable fig onion jam panini

Sun dried tomato pesto chicken and provolone panini

Cured meats with arugula and champagne vinegar

Vanilla panna cotta


Tomato-cucumber carpaccio

Yellow tomato gazpacho with avocado sorbet

Seared salmon with lemon dill butter

Pork cutlets in sherry gastrique

White bean cassoulet

Carrot thyme puree

Passion fruit mousse cake


Carrot and marinated cucumber salad

Shrimp and spring onion dumplings

Lemon cilantro steamed red snapper

Stir fried veggies with ginger and garlic

Chile pepper and sesame soba noodles

Rambutan and rose water sorbet


Spinach and fennel salad Mandarina dulce and pink pepppercorn vinaigrette

Dominicalito bay camarones gazpacho basil and chives

Grilled tarragon chicken

Charred tomato risotto

Rosated radicchio with olives and pine nuts

Espresso semifredo

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