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Dinner Menu

Amuse Bouche: 

Golfito bay shrimp cocktail with house made tomato jam

 Seared beef medallions over saffron potatos, sweet onion and red wine reduction, lemon aioli

 1st course: 

Shrimp bisque with garlic croutons, chive oil

Tuna tartar salad with avocado, radish, lolla rosa, soy vin

2nd course: 

Grilled 10 ounce New York strip with pinot noir reduction 

Garlic butter seared jumbo langoustines with charred lemons

Herbed broccoli gratin

Oyster mushroom and parmesan risotto

3rd course: 

Costa Rican dark chocolate cake with berries and warm caramel pour


Amuse Bouche:

Black bean and cotija cheese tostaditos 

Green chili empanadas with smoked tomato salsa

1st course:

Roasted chicken tortilla soup

2nd course:

Carne asada marinated rib eye

Salsa verde

Grilled chayote squash 

Fire roasted poblano rice

3rd course:

Salted caramel flan with strawberry mango salad


Amuse Bouche: 

Peruvian potato salad spoon with garlic aioli and hard boiled egg. 

Marinated tomato and olive crostini with goats cheese

1st course: 

Grilled jumbo shrimp, hearts of palm salad, tomatoes, citrus, cucumber, herb vinaigrette

 2nd course: 

Tequila brined roasted pork loin with pasilla chile rub

Garlic butter basted 21 day dry aged rib eye roast with panama pepper chimichurri

Roasted local red snapper with mango pineapple salsa

 Stewed black beans

Oil poached mushrooms and onions
3rd course: 

Banana cream pie with home made vanilla ice cream


Amuse Bouche:

Potato croquettes, tamarind reduction

Chicken seekh kebabs, date chutney

1st course:

Chat masala soup

 Vegetables braised in coconut milk 

Potato parathas

2nd course:

Red curry langostines over spiced lentils

  3rd course: 

Rice pudding with chai cookie crunch


Amuse bouche:

Red snapper cakes with green onion and toasted coriander aioli

 Poached gulf shrimp with mango avocado salsa

1st course: 

Yellowfin tuna tartar with avocado and plantain chips or coconut fish ceviche

2nd course:

Seared mahi mahi with tropical salsa over mixed greens  tomatoes and french beans

3rd course:

Pineapple upside down cake with banana ice cream


Amuse Bouche:

Shrimp and asparagus salad in scallion profiterole

Grilled portobello mushroom and feta crostini

1st course:

Local greens with cucumber tomato carpaccio 

balsamic vin

2nd course:

Seared Mahi Mahi

Lentils in garlic broth

Braised fennel and onions

3rd course

Canary melon and lavender sorbet


Amuse Bouche: 

Seared chili glazed tofu

 Chat masala spiced lamb, raita, turmeric potato disk

1st course: 

Vegetable samosas, tamarind chutney, lemon mint yogurt

 Marinated onion and cucumber salad

2nd course: 

Chicken tikka masala

Spiced basmati rice

Coriander braised cauliflower and baby potatoes

Vegetable kebabs

Home made garlic roti

3rd course: 

Cardamon custard, almond brittle, chili hot chocolate


Amuse Bouche: 

Sweet potato gnocchi, fire roasted tomato jam

Pesto bruschetta with shaved pecorino

 1st course: 

Chilled white wine braised shrimp, wilted arugula and citrus salad with mandarina dulce gastrique 

2nd course:

Chicken picatta over home made linguini

Lemon parmesan broccoli

Artichoke barigoule with cherry tomatoes

 3rd course:

Tiramisu with coffee almond ice cream


Amuse Bouche: 

Goat cheese and apricot chutney profiterole

Warm brioche with garlic butter
1st course: 

Nicoise salad

 French onion soup

 2nd course: 

Whole snapper en papillote, fennel, olives

Potato dauphinoise

Baby zucchini saute

3rd course:

Creme brulee


Amuse Bouche:

Fried goat cheese ravioli with carrot top pesto

Oyster mushroom tortoloni in mushroom broth

1st course:

Sweet potato gnocchi salad with tomatoes and artichokes

 2nd course:

Papperdelle with beef cheek bolognese

Roasted pumpkin tortellini, brown butter and sage

Aparagus coins

Garlic toast

3rd course: 

Peach tart with honey vanilla ice cream


Amuse Bouche: 

Plantain chips with black bean dip and salsa picante

Creamy local farmers cheese crostini with mountain apple chutney and berry jam
1st course:

Aztec soup and simple salad with grenadilla vinaigrette
2nd course:

Pineapple glazed pork loin 

Cilantro rice 

Cumin scented black beans

Sauteed chayote squash 

Charred tomato sauce
3rd course: 

Champagne soaked coconut cake with seasonal berries


Amuse Bouche: 

Steak tar tar spoons

Lobster cakes topped with roasted pepper aioli
1st Course:

Chopped salad, cherry tomatoes, shaved onion, shredded carrot, radish, cucumber, blue cheese, house made buttermilk green goddess dressing
2nd course: 

Choose from a 12 ounce New York strip or 8 ounce Filet Mignon grass fed steak

Sauce Bordelaise

Sauteed local mushrooms and onions 

Roasted garlic whipped mash potatoes

Grilled seasonal vegetables with herbed butter
3rd course:  

Salted caramel chocolate cake with berries and whipped cream


Amuse Bouche:

Roasted onion and garlic jam crostini with whipped goat cheese and smoked peppers

 Prosciutto and melon with mint
1st course: 

Tomato, cucumber, olives, feta, balsamic vin
2nd course: 

Scratch made linguini

Sauce pomodoro or bolognese



Garlic cheese bread

Oven roasted vegetables with herb infused olive oil

3rd course: 

Prosecco infused panna cotta with sable cookie crumble and fruit compote


Amuse Bouche: 

Mango chicken salad stuffed profiteroles

Roasted vegetable tapenade over herbed goat cheese crostini

1st course:

Creamy foraged mushroom soup with herbed bread crumbs

2nd course: 

Grilled whole pesto chicken with braised onions

Potato au gratin 

Stewed green beans  

3rd course: 

Chocolate cake with salted caramel and fresh berries

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